Blog 19.05.19

Sat at work writing when I should be technically working,well, I am working technically but there is nothing really for me to do. I have had my shift changed to an earlier one today so it is ridiculously quiet.  Wrote & Posted last Wednesday and to be honest I have not done anything that I said I was going to do (although I have written something over the last week that is ready to post, will either be before or after this on the page). My mind seems to be going a million miles a minute in terms of thoughts due to boredom so this might be a warts and all post. Hopefully it will be a good read and not just pointless ramblings.

As I write this I have realised that I have not updated my LinkedIn which is something I promised myself I would do last week. So that will be my goal on my break today, will stop writing this and update as I go. Sitting here I realise that I am in need of a new job, but doing what I do not know. The issue is at the moment I don’t care about my job, it’s somewhere I go five days a week to pay my mortgage and all my bills etc. This to me is not fulfilling in the slightest and it’s why I need a change.

The process for looking for a job is easy, I have signed up to numerous job sites and I have been smart enough to keep my C.V. updated on each. It’s finding the right job for me as the reason for accepting my current job was that the pay was good and the hours convenient.

One issue and this is a biggy, is that I have no fucking idea what I want to do in life. I worked a decade in the cinema industry which ended in 2017 when I was made redundant. At first it was just a job to pay the rent but within a few weeks it was something I really enjoyed and I worked my way up from being a Team Member to become a Deputy Manager. 

I stumbled across this job like I did the cinema one, and maybe I thought I would have the same feelings eventually with it, but it’s been over 18 months and I feel in a rut so something has to change. My feelings at this point are if I can be in my current positon for this long without enjoying it then why not try somewhere else, at its worst surely I will just feel the same way, at best I will enjoy it and it will be a job I actually want to do, look forward to going to and talk to people about it. Because at the moment I go home and my fiancé bless her asks me how my night was, I always reply “yeah ok”. Then that’s it. In my previous job I used to talk for days about it, because it was something I was passionate about and really enjoyed. 

————————————————————————————————————————————–Well, just finished my break and I have changed my LinkedIn profile to being a writer/freelance journo. Let’s see if anything comes of it. Even if it is an unpaid role for a website nobody really reads at this point I’d be grateful. 

I have been watching WordPress tutorials so hopefully my page will start looking better as I do not like the current lay out. I think that this will come with time but if I’m honest I really do not like the WordPress UI. 



Money money money money, Money!

Do I know anything about stocks and shares?


Is it something you need to fully research before investing your hard earned cash into?


Do I want to get into investing and earn some extra cash and save something for when I need it in the future?

Of course I do, who doesn’t….

Now, before we get into the nitty gritty of what I am effectively experimenting with I will give you a rundown of what’s what with my current financial situation. I have credit card debt & overdraft debt that was paid off with a personal loan which now has four and a half years left on it. The reason why I got into this situation was money mismanagement i.e. my outgoing’s where more than my income, I am a homeowner currently paying off a mortgage with my fiancé.

Saving, investing and trading are area’s that I have been curious about for some time, I have a pension through work, along with another pension from a previous job. These will give me a nice little nest egg when I retire but in the short and mid-term I kind of have nothing in terms of savings and saving in my day to day account can be quite tricky, especially with the personal loan I am paying off.

The reason for the loan was simple, I was at the end of my overdraft which I was paying interest on daily, and I had accumulated some credit card debt in which I was only able to the minimum each month. In the end it was easier to get a loan to pay off both as the rate on interest was less overall.

Anyways, I was looking to put some money into some sort of stocks/shares but didn’t know where to start, when one day I just dove in and did the following:

1.       Googled for a platform of where to trade

2.       Trading 212 was my choice, mainly due to the 0% commission on trades

3.       Downloaded the app

4.       Signed up and deposited £29 as that was the minimum and away I went

Now, when you sign up on the app it asks you all sorts of questions and gives you information and warnings about the risks of trading, as I was going at this like a bull in a china shop I just ticked what I felt was needed, obviously I know the risks involved with trading and in my mind I made took the necessary precaution which was only put in the smallest amount of funds I could which was the £29.

Within this trading platform there are 3 separate trading options: CFD Trading, Stock Trading & ISA Trading. You need to be aware of one issue I came across which was you choose where you want the money to go into, but after that you cannot move those funds around. So I put £29 into CFD Trading then realised I could not syphon off these funds and spread them out over the other formats.  

CFD Trading Explained: The principal advantage of CFD trading is because there are typically lower requirements and markets are less, a person can trade with a much smaller account compared to trading the actual asset. Standard in the CFD market begins with as little as a 2% margin requirement, meaning a trader can trade larger.

Stock Trading Explained: Stock is an equity investment that represents part ownership in a corporation and entitles you to part of that corporation's earnings and assets. Common stock gives shareholders voting rights but no guarantee of dividend payments.

ISA Investment Explained: ISA stands for individual savings account, a form of UK investment that is exempt from tax on its returns. The amount of money you can invest in ISAs each year is limited, with the total permitted amount typically changing each tax year.

Again, as I had not done any real research into what I was doing I continued in an experiment. And I bought stocks in a company called Sirius Mineral and then Lloyds Bank & Ripple. The reason for which is that at the time I deposited my money these stock were on the rise. The way I had the stock value graph was set to the default 5m view which was my first error but I will go into that later.

After a couple of hours all the stocks I had invested in where going down, at this point I decided to sell what I had and see where that left me. I had made a loss of a couple of quid, frustrating but not the worse that could of happened due to the fact that I had done zero research.

After I had sold these I decided to have a play around with the UI on the desktop version of the site as up until now I was doing it all on the IPhone. Obviously this is a lot more in depth in terms of options, graphs and you get an overview of what’s going on with your investments. After playing around with this for a bit I started changing the time option on the graphs, you can adjust the time from one minute updates all the way through to one week, one month one year.

I did this and noticed a trend with a couple of familiar companies, these were Disney and GoPro. The reason for this were their long term trends were good climbing then being steady then climbing again. I invested 70% of my funds in Disney and 30% in GoPro, the main reason for this was that the Disney stock cost more per share bought. I left this ticking over for four days although two of those were the weekend so there was no change to them.

At the start of the following week GoPro had made me a good return on my investment, but Disney had lost me money. The next stage of my experiment was this, to sell all those shares and reinvest in something else. My choice was easy, I put it all into Uber, they had not gone public at the time I started my fore into stocks & shares as I started the day before. This was a good choice as the stock has been rising steadily and I have made 50% of what I initially invested. For now what I want to do is see how it may go before using some of that money to reinvest into something else.

A word of caution for anyone using the Trading212 platform, I have read mixed reviews on trust pilot about them, this was after I had already put money into them, but the experience has been really good. That said I have not tried with draw funds yet. And on top of that and as I said earlier in this piece the initial deposit can be £29, after this the next time you want to put money in the minimum changes to £100. If I had known this maybe my first deposit may have been higher, as I wanted to capitalise on the Uber stock rise but due to my financial situation was unable to do so.

I will keep updating the blog on the goings on with this, as I am really curious where it will take me. I am learning new things which is always a good thing and even it helps me be more money wise then that’s always a win win no matter what.

Again, I have done this with little thought but have kept my head on about the situation, I had funds to invest further but that would of meant going into an overdraft which is not a resort I want to take. No matter how frustrating it was see the Uber stock price rise so high. Investing money can bring in good income but can also lose you money if you are not careful. So before taking the plunge do your research, plan then work out what YOU CAN AFFORD. Yes big investments can bring big wins but can also bring big losses so tread carefully.


Haven’t posted in a while, but I have a plan.

So my last post was about posting more, and low and behold I have not stuck to what I wanted to do. I have said I was going to do this about a thousand times, but never stick it out. I really want to as writing is something I really enjoy doing and so need to not just find time, but MAKE time to do so.

As well as this, I am still working through a journalism course which needs to be completed by the end of July. I am currently a quarter of the way through this so there is a long way to with this.

I also want writing/journalism to become more of a job, so after doing abit of reading, I am going to do a few of things.

  1. Write more – Weather it be blogging, my course or even a journal I need to get into get into a consistent routine.
  2. Trying new things – One way how I think I could write more is to try new things this is gives a subject matter to research on and talk about, along with my own experience of doing said thing. I watch a boat load of films per week so reviews could also become part of my daily routine.
  3. Reviews – I watch a hell of a lot of films per week so reviews could also become part of my weekly writing routine.
  4. LinkedIn – When I do finish my journalism course, I need to make another wordpress account to promote this, I can also switch my LinkedIn account from my current full time job (I have never used it in my current field of work) and make it about me being a writer, hopefully this could potentially get me some writing work.

All in all I have some work to do, and commitment is what I need to fulfil the above. Time should not be an issue, I just need to knuckle down and work out a good schedule of when to do things.

Hopefully my next post will not be in 6 months time, otherwise I will be very angry with myself. If it is then apologies to myself for not doing what I clearly love and want to do, and apologies to anyone who reads this now and then when nothing follows in a few days/weeks it has been a wasted 2 minute read.








As some of you may/may not be aware, over recent years there have been numerous health charities and fund raising schemes that have made October the month where you take 31 days off something like alcohol or smoking.

Generally known as ‘Stoptober’ the idea is that is you take the first steps of quitting by just having a month off. This is then the platform to keep up what you have stopped – if you can do without it for a month then why not carry on without it?

Well, I’m going to flip this and do Startober for October 2018. My Startober is about my blogging and my overall attitude to writing in general. I have an unfinished freelance journalism course I would like to complete but I also want be writing more full stop, as to me this was starting to be a really good way of expressing myself and my passions.

Generally what normally happens is that I start to write but I can never manage to build momentum so my writing would stop and I would not do it for months at a time.

October 2018 is the game changer for me and it’s starting with this post.

For the next 31 days I hope to post every other day (or more depending on how ideas flow or if I am thinking of good content). It’s not going to be about one specific subject so might seem all over content wise, but the idea is to make writing a normal thing for me and make it part of my daily routine. Hopefully by doing so I can produce some good content but not only that kickstart the course that I have yet to finish.

So here’s to Startober 2018! By October 31st let’s hope this page is full of creativity, insight, opinions and general musings from myself about this, that, and everything in between…


Addicted to Let’s Play’s

Now I Don’t Play Games Anymore

Last September I was lucky enough to become a dad. From this moment on I knew my habits would have to change. One of them would be the amount of time that I spent playing games. Feeds every 4 hours meant sleep was at a premium so my gaming took a hit.

One thing I started doing was odd nights I would give my fiance a night off and do a night shift away from her so a whole 8 hours of sleep could be had. During these nights I would watch Let’s Play’s as playing an actual game was too tiring but watching was both relaxing and if I fell asleep it didn’t really matter.lets play

Let’s Play’s have been around for years, anyone who is even a moderate gamer will have watched one. Weather it’s because you are possibly going to buy a game and want more of a taste then what a review can give you, or if it’s just you’ve heard some hype and want to see it’s true. Either way they are a good source to get a dose of video games outside normal games journalism (although major gaming sites are on top of producing their own Let’s Play’s).

There is another big reason Let’s Play’s have been successful, and that’s for entertainment. I’m sure I am not the only one who will watch hours of someone playing through the newest titles on Youtube or Twitch. There are some big online personalities out there that add to the experience, if you can fine 3 or 4 Youtubers/Twitchers you can either relate to or can watch easily. This then gives you 100’s of hours of potential free entertainment at your finger tips.

As the weeks breezed by I noticed that I wasn’t playing games, any free time I had I would be watching them being played instead. I noticed it was helping my bank account as I didn’t need to purchase the new releases. But crucially I noticed that I did not miss the actual act of playing games, something I would never of imagined last year.






Davies Set To Carry Momentum

WSBK Round 4 – Assen

This weekend sees the World Superbike Championship head to the ‘cathedral of speed’, Assen. Historically this a track Jonathan Rea performs well at. With 2 race wins last season in his debut year on the Kawasaki, he has also racked up 5 wins on the Honda.

Rea is also going into this round with a championship lead of 26 points, and even though he hasn’t been off the podium this season, during the round at Aragon there was a distinct momentum shift on track.

Chaz Davies had some upgrades from Ducati at the Aragon round and they certainly made an impression. They turned a bike that Davies was pushing beyond the limit in previous rounds to something that he could ride with ease and dominate the field. Ducati have made numerous technical changes with the most visual one being the new exhaust configuration. These changes made the Ducati a completely different machine on the straights, helping Davies take his first double win of this season. With his confidence on a high on an improved machine and with Davies getting 2 podiums himself at Assen last year, he will certainly have his eye on another double.


BSB 2016

With 3 rounds of the World Superbike series down and with Motogp heading into their third round this weekend, it’s finally time for what is arguably the best domestic championship in the world, British Superbikes.

The line up for this seasons British Superbike Championship consists of 32 riders all vying to get into the top 6 showdown at the end of the season, these 6 then fight it out to become British Champion. The 12 round championship always throws up some amazing races helped in part by the series visiting amazing circuits like Oulton Park and Caldwell Park.

There has been a lot of bike/team/rider changes since the last race of last season at Brands Hatch. Notably the biggest change is that there will be no back to back champion, as Josh Brookes and the Milwaukee team as a whole has shifted it’s efforts to WSBK. His absence will probably be a relief to most of the grid, as his domination on the Yamaha in the last few rounds of the season saw him win 6 of the 7 showdown races.

The move away from BSB by Milwaukee has meant Yamaha has had to find pastures new for the 2015 championship winning bike. That team is Tommy Hill Motorsport, with a rider line up of John Hopkins and Stuart Easton. Both riders have something to prove with Easton having an injury affected 2015. John Hopkins came into the championship late on in the year, unfortunately niggling technical issues caused him to lose more than one podium towards the end of season.

Paul Bird Motorsport have made the switch from Kawasaki to Ducati bringing along with them Shane Byrne. With factory support directly from Bologna, I see Byrne as the favourite this season. The combination of Byrne, PBM and Ducati winning the championship in 2003, Byrne had further success with the manufacturer in 2008. He is also the most successful rider on the grid with 4 BSB titles and will be favoured by most to get his 5th, especially with the current successes of Chaz Davies in WSBK on the same machinery.

Last year Michael Laverty struggled on his return to the British circuits on board the BMW. After some mid season upgrades he found his form and a lot more confidence in the bike, ending the season with a win. He has been going well in testing so will hopefully be fighting for wins every round.

JG Speedfit Kawasaki are back for 2016 keeping on James Ellison whom has had varied success with them. He ended 2015 injured but returns fit and ready for 2016. Joining the team is Leon Haslam, who is making his return to the British Championship after leaving for WSBK after the 2008 season. Like Laverty last year I think he will struggle for the first half of the season getting used to riders he hasn’t ridden against and on tracks he may not of ridden on since 2008.

Tommy Bridewell and Ryuichi Kiyonari are with the Bennetts Suzuki sqaud for 2016. With an uncharacteristic season from Kiyonari last year, 2015 saw him finish outside the top 10 more often than not. A major plus for Kiyonari is he is back riding the bike he helped get onto the podium at 2105’s Suzuka 8 hour. He is joined by Tommy Bridewell, who has finished in the showdown in 3 out of the last 4 seasons.

The riders mentioned above are my tips to duke it out for the title, but with a large grid, a massive of depth of field and a healthy mixture of bikes from all manufacturers it shows why this championship is one of the best year on year for unbeatable action.

I’ve gone with my gut predicting Shane Byrne is going to take his 5th title, but with the last round being 7 months away, anything can and will happen. Hopefully the 2016 championship can produce the action, thrills and spills we have been used to seeing in recent years.